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10 Seriously Underrated Superheroes

These superheroes are seriously underrated. Let's change that.

Paranoia article

8 Supernatural Anime to Trigger an Existential Crisis

These supernatural anime will freak you out - in a good way.

Mushi article

8 Awesome Anime You Should Watch on Netflix Immediately

Thank our Netflix Overlords for these 8 anime worthy of being your next obsession.

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8 Anime to Watch this Winter

Curling up with these 8 anime is guaranteed to help you beat the Holiday Blues.

Denno article

8 Must Watch Anime for Sci-fi Junkies

Pack your bags because these 8 anime are totally out of this world.

Kuro article

6 Horror Manga to Make You Question Your Existence

There’s something strangely satisfying about being scared; something so perversely pleasurable about fear.

Glass article

8 Truly Terrible Anime to Never Watch

Proceed with caution, these anime may cause severe second-hand embarrassment .

Haikyu article

8 Animes You Must Watch This Fall

When the weather starts getting colder, curl up and binge-watch these great series.

Swamp article

8 Non-Superhero Graphic Novels You Should Read Right Now

From ‘Sandman’ to ‘AKIRA,’ these series’ should be on your to-read list without question.

Wonder article

8 Animes that Need Another Season NOW!

There is nothing worse — literally nothing worse — than when a show you have come to obsess over ends abruptly with no promise of future seasons in sight.

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8 Underrated YouTube Channels to Watch

From ‘Cooking with Dog’ to ‘Crash Course,’ here are 8 YouTube channels that should be on your radar.

Gits article

5 (Potentially) Whitewashed Movies Not to Watch

Hollywood’s stripping these films of their Asian roots and something needs to be done.

Spider article

8 Reasons Why Spider-Man is the Best Avenger

From intellect to charm, here are a handful of reasons why Spider-man is our favorite Avenger.

Ronin article

8 Best ‘Daredevil’ Bromances

And just to be clear, women can be bros too.