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Big-time science nut who dabbles in the world of entertainment writing. Professional writer and editor with a background in marketing, online journalism, publishing, and the natural sciences.

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Movie article

Best of 2016: The 22 Best Films of the Year (Part 2) - ComicsVerse

Despite a great deal of discussion to the contrary, 2016 ended up being a high watermark year for cinema.

Steve article

Goodbye Captain America, Hello Steve Rogers

CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR cracks under the strain of trying to juggle two disconnected story lines

Asian article

Asian Representation and Erasure in Western Media [Roundtable]

White Washing. Yeah, it happens. We get Real about Asian erasure and stereotyping in western media.

Rim article

PACIFIC RIM: Unintended Misogyny

PACIFIC RIM had all the makings of a great film. Too bad it dropped the ball by the end.

Hero article

I AM A HERO VOL. 1 - 2: Societal Gender Conflict and Zombies

I AM A HERO is light on zombies and plot, but is a delicately wrought character study and sheds a spotlight on modern gender conflict in Japan.

Wicked article

The Wicked and the Divine

Witches, demons, gods, and mortals - just another day in the world of The Wicked and the Divine.

Dead article

The DEADPOOL Dilemma: PG-13 vs R-rating?

Deadpool is a belligerent and boorish tour-de-force of violent and sexual energy, ready to lay waste to (or bed) anyone who may stumble in his path. That's just the way we like him.

Spider article

SPIDER-MAN: ONE MORE DAY - the Ultimate Character Assasination

SPIDER-MAN: ONE MORE DAY betrays the single most crucial aspect of Peter’s character.

Monst article

Episode 66: MONSTRESS by Marjorie Liu

MONSTRESS uses fantasy as a means to explore oppression, subjugation, race and gender relations, and the idea of otherness.